S3 Population Distribution Homework
Wednesday January 29th 2014, 8:31 am
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This is your first piece of homework for the Population unit.   Remember to complete this work in your homework jotter and write in full sentences where appropriate.

1. Write a definition of “Population Distribution”.

2. Make two lists by writing the statements under the correct heading.

Reasons why areas have many people                                        Reasons why areas have few people 

 Their climate is not extreme.                    They are desert areas.                          They are mountainous areas.

They are very cold areas.                           They are lowland areas.                          They are rich industrial areas.

They are poor areas of rapid population growth.                                                 They are areas of fertile soil.


3. Match up each of these areas with a reason for its small or large population.

Sahara Desert      small population because it’s very cold and windy with dark winters.

Europe                 small population because it’s too steep and cold for buildings and crops.

North Canada      small because it’s very hot and dry making farming difficult.

Bangladesh          large population because it’s a wealthy industrial area.

The Himalayas      large population because it’s fertile lowland with a rapid population growth.

National 5 October Holiday Homework
Thursday October 10th 2013, 10:21 am
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Answers these questions as fully as possible.  The number of marks in the brackets indicates how much you should be writing.  Use the notes on the blog and on Bitesize to help you.

1. Referring to both human and physical factors, explain why some areas of the world are more densely populated than others.  (4)

2. Why do people in developing countries move from rural to urban areas?   (4)

During recent years the populations of many developed cities have decreased dramatically due to out-migration.”

3. Describe ways in which city authorities have attempted to encourage people to move back into their city. (5)

4. For a named city you have studied in a developed country, give reasons for the main changes which have taken place in the city centre shopping area over the last thirty years. (5)

5.  For any named developing city you have studied, describe measures taken to improve the quality of life in shanty towns (5)


S2 Earth Forces
Tuesday September 17th 2013, 9:51 am
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Calling all S2 Geographers!  Below is the web address for Kilmarnock Academy’s Geo Wall.  Miss Armour will keep it up to date so that you can do some of the activities at home and leave us comments about anything you have learned!  The other address takes you to a website that will help you revise everything we’ve been studying in Geography so far!



**You need to copy and paste the addresses into you internet browser**